There are in bacterial cells several recognized dynamic cytoskeletal structures with essential roles in bacterial development and cell cycle progression. Many regulatory proteins and multiprotein complexes perform their functions at specific times and places in the cell. The goal is to visualize the structure of the unperturbed cytoplasm, the distribution of ribosomes, the location in time and space of other large macromolecules and complexes, and to provide physical evidence of the state and packaging of DNA at different stages of the cell cycle. Recent work shows viral infection process in ARMAN, an ultra-small archaeon, as they occur in the wild. The ultra-small cell and genome size (1 Mb), combined with direct, but apparently non-obligatory inter-species interactions, indicate complex and previously undescribed ecological behavior. These features, in addition to large internal tubular organelles and many genes previously only affiliated with Crenarchaea or Bacteria, illustrate novel biology in organisms branching near the Crenarchaea-Euryarchaea divide.